Hunting a deer can be both fun and exciting at the same time. It demands a lot from you in terms of energy and experience. You may either be an experienced buck hunter or a first timer. However, just before your first hunt of the season, you will invariably feel slightly nervous. In this modern era, there are several useful and convenient gadgets and devices that make the entire hunting activity quite simple. You have trail cameras of different types and a variety of hunting weapons to help you hunt down a great buck.  Any great deer hunting product review will get you to the best solution to fit your needs as a hunter.

Tips That Can Make You an Improved Deer Hunter

Nobody would like to see a buck escape from your grasp. However, this may invariably happen to newbies. Here are some useful tips that can make you an improved deer hunter in the days to come.

  • It is good for you to note that the mere smell of human odor can easily spook a deer. The best way out is to shower with a scent-free soap right before you decide to go out hunting. It will also be a good thing not to make your hunting clothes dirty on your way to the field. The best solution is to keep them secure in a plastic bag with dirt, leaves, and various other ground debris till the time you actually reach your hunting destination.
  • Most of the time hunters think that doe estrous happens to be the be-all and end-all of all major buck attraction. However, experienced hunters know that it is very important to take advantage of a buck’s territorial instincts during the early-season. During the early part of October, the scent of an estrous will make no sense to a buck. On the other hand, a buck scent is worth the effort.
  • It is good to know that one of the deadliest scent setups can easily defy the tried out rule of playing the wind. Try and find a long strip of wood or cover with the wind blowing along the entire length of it. Pour some deer scent at various areas of the strip at the windy end. Next, set up the strip at a high point on a tree stand.
  • You do not need a helicopter or even a drone to scout the entire hunting area. All you need to do is search Google Maps to get an idea of your hunting area.
  • It will be a good idea to practice setting up and taking down the tree stand that you plan to use right before the hunting season starts. Try and do so as low as possible. The key to this practice is to get in and out of your hunting spot as quietly as possible.
  • Try not to disturb your hunting area by trimming shooting lanes during the season. The best time to do so is during the summer months. Experienced bucks can easily associate the smell of freshly cut timber with human presence. This will simply put them in alert mode and spoil your hunting season of the year.

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